When was the last time you did a good deed? Without expecting anything in return? Just like that…

If you don’t remember, I’m afraid you’ve drifted apart from the real human nature. You’ve fallen into the trap of today’s society and have come to the point where you do good to someone only when you want something back or have other stimulus to do so.

But if you do, you certainly remember the incredible feelings you get after that. Because that is what good means in its original meaning. That is how our soul and mind work when not affected by outer temptations and tendencies like consumerism and egoism. That is how we were meant to communicate with one another – by doing good, being kind, helping whenever we can and never expecting anything in return.

By being kind to someone for no reason, by giving, by helping and doing good, you can feel true happiness, satisfaction, harmony and can experience something wonderful. Because the minute you see the person’s smile, or feel the benefit of what you’ve done, or see how someone finds hope because of what you did, you will know it was worth it. And will want to do it again.

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone just did a few random acts of kindness to people he doesn’t know. Then we would live in a much happier and peaceful place.

Real Cause believes and want to educate people to “Do One Good Act A Day”,

How We Want to Do:

Phase I: We want to start with educating children that they should understand the meaning of Doing a good act and how they can contribute in development of the society by just doing small good acts.

Real Cause will set up camps in education institutions to educate children on how they can do small things and can contribute in development of the society and also can become a better human being.

Phase II: Creating awareness among all human beings of benefits of doing small good acts and how they can contribute to make the society better place to live by just doing small things.

The only way to achieve the above goal is to create awareness in the society. And to create awareness we are looking for help from the people who believe in our mission and want to make a difference.

How you can contribute:

By providing financial help for this mission- Donation.

By becoming the member in this good cause with us and suggest others to come forward and be a part and contribute in this good act.


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Looking forward for your support and remember “Do One Good Act A Day”,